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*Giant Jungle Swing

*Giant Jungle Swing

In keeping with the AJ Hackett spirit of stretching the limits of gravity, the Giant Jungle Swing was created to allow one, two or three people to experience extreme speed and acceleration together.

The only multi-person Jungle Swing in Australia, swoops through the rainforest from 45 metres down to one metre in 3.5 seconds, reaching speeds up to 120km/h. But don’t think it's up to the Swing Master to set you going - you have the control... all you have to do it pull the self release...

Minimum solo weight 55kg
Maximum solo weight 150kg.
Maximum group (2 or 3) weight 240kg

*Giant Jungle Swing includes:

  • 1 x Giant Jungle Swing
  • 1 x Giant Jungle Swing e-Certificate
  • Free Coach Transfers from Cairns & Northern Beaches

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No additional charges apply.

*Note: Child age under 14 years. No minimum age - It is a size requirement. Small kids harness available!! If the child fits they can enjoy the thrills of the swing with an older sibling or family member. 5-6 year olds very common. Family & Child rates available

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No extra charges apply

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